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Stud Services

Breeding information

Mercury is currently available via artificial inseminiation (fresh cooled) to a limited number of registered fell pony mares*, as well as for selective crossbreeding at a reduced stud fee. His excellent conformation and vibrant movement help to ensure preservation of quality in purepred fell mares, and his small stature and muscular build would produce beautiful sportponies if put to lighter mares.

*Mercury is FIS clear, which means that no foal of his will be lost to syndrome.

Vet Fees

Mare owners are responsible for fees involved in the collection and shipping of fresh cooled semen--these will be paid through our vet clinic. Early bird booking Stud fees for 2014 are $650 plus collection and shipping fees (good until March 1). $750 plus collection and shipping fees for the rest of the year. Mare owners can expect the vet and collection fee to be $297, and shipping to be roughly $50. Shipping will vary dependant on where the mare is located.