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About Lunesdale Mercury

FP50926C, f. 1999
S.Lunesdale Mountain Mist D. Greenholme Lorane
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13hh, 10" flat bone, grey w/ no markings

We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to own and breed this exceptional stallion--having him in our barn is truly owning a piece of Fell Pony history. Mercury was the principal breeding stallion for several years at the historic Lunesdale Stud in Cumbria prior to importation, where he established himself as a producer of champion offspring time and again--his progeny are currently winning in the show ring in Cumbria and the world, with many having been exported internationally. Mercury has all of the best characteristics of the traditional fell-bred pony and, most importantly, is proven to produce true-to-type offspring that meet or exceed his own quality and ability.

What makes Mercury a great sire:

  • Wonderful working temperament
  • Excellent, solid conformation
  • Movement: his impulsion and hock engagement at the trot is ideal for carriage driving
  • Tons of hair!
  • Mercury has been tested clear of FIS (foal immunodeficiency syndrome)
  • 13hh height will keep his offspring well under the 14hh limit.
  • Proven producer of multiple Champion foals
  • Imported from one of the most reknowned lines in England
  • Excellence substance with ample flat bone
  • Multiple Champion ponies in his pedigree, including sire int'l Supreme Champion Lunesdale Mountain Mist: Breeding is a science, and quality is not an accident

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